NETHUR aims at being the main academic centre of scientific research in the Netherlands for urban and regional studies with a recognized prominent international position. It takes prime responsibility for academic scientific development and sets the research agenda in the fields of human geography (social, economic and regional/cultural geography), urban and regional planning (including transportation planning), housing studies, demography, cartography, geographical information science and related interdisciplinary studies. NETHUR coordinates all highly qualified senior and post doc researchers and all PhD students under their supervision.
NETHUR takes initiatives for and supports cooperation and joint actions of local research masters and local research programmes of NETHUR institutes. Where relevant, NETHUR represents its research groups in national and international scientific organisations and in external strategic research programmes.

NETHUR’s core business is urban and regional research within the social, economic and technical sciences. The school combines in its programmes and projects theoretical, methodological and thematic research of a fundamental and/or strategic character. The empirical and analytical tradition of the school will be continued and further developed. The same holds for the special attention for the interaction between spatial structure and spatial behaviour and for multi-level geographical research. Inter- and multi-disciplinary studies are promoted. NETHUR wants to contribute to state-of-the art international scientific knowledge and to strategic joint programmes with leading national, European and other international partners.

As a Dutch research centre and network, NETHUR will give priority to study urban and regional development in the Netherlands, but always in an international scientific context and where appropriate including international comparative research. Moreover, studying urban and regional dynamics in developing countries will get special attention.