The organisation of NETHUR consists of the Board, the Education Committee, the Scientific Director, the Director of Education and the NETHUR Office.
The participating universities and faculties have appointed a Board that bears final responsibility for the implementation of school policies as well as for the organisation and evaluation of both the research programme and the education programme. 

The Education Committee advises the Board on all aspects of the organisation and implementation of the education provided by NETHUR and consists of both staff members and PhD students. 

The Scientific Director is charged with the daily management of the graduate school.
The daily management of the education and supervision programme is delegated to the Director of Education.

Nethur Organisation diagram

Board Members:

Prof. Dr. P. Boelhouwer (Chair, OTB, TU Delft)
Prof. Dr. W. Korthals Altes (OTB, TU Delft)
Prof. Dr. R. Kloosterman (AMIDSt, UvA)
Prof. Dr. H.J.P. Timmermans (BWK,TU/e) 
Prof. Dr. H. Ernste (IMR, RU) 
Prof. Dr. I. Hutter (URSI, RuG)
Prof. dr. R.A. Boschma (URU, UU)

Education Committee Members:

Dr. T.A. Arentze (BWK, TUE)
Prof. Dr. H. Ernste (chair, IMR, RU)
Dr. H.J.F.M. Boumeester (OTB, TU Delft)
Prof. dr. ir. L. Bertolini (AMIDst/UvA)
Drs. E. Beukers (AMIDst/UvA)
F. Sharmeen, MSc (TUE)
B. de Haas, MSc (URSI/RuG)
A.J. Jacobs (IMR, RU)
I. Deelen, MSc (URU/UU)

Scientific Director:

Prof. Dr. P. Hooimeijer

Director of Education:

Dr. B. Spierings

NETHUR Office:

Secretariaat SGPL