Types of Members

Full PhD member
These are regular PhD students with an appointment of a minimum of 0.8 fte at one of the institutes participating in NETHUR, as an AIO or possibly Junior Researcher. At least 80% of their time is available for PhD research. The rights and obligations of a full NETHUR PdD member are put down in the NETHUR PhD Protocol. Full PhD members are allowed to participate in all NETHUR education and are eligible for the NETHUR diploma. Full PhD members are obliged to comply with all the requirements in the PhD Protocol, among which:
Complete the compulsory NETHUR courses. 
Follow additional education at their own initiative.
Turn in completed Yearly Progress Reports.
Full PhD members should also be prepared to participate in the NETHUR Education Committee and NETHUR meetings.


Associate PhD member
These are all other PhD students. They are employed by one of the participating research institutes with a job description that is different from a regular PhD student or be employed elsewhere and prepare a dissertation under the supervision of a professor of one of the participating institutes. (NaDo students (TU Delft) are included in this category). They are allowed to participate in NETHUR education. However, full PhD members receive priority in case a (compulsory) course has reached the maximum number of participants. In such cases associated PhD members are put on a waiting list. An associate PhD member is free to choose the courses he/she wants to participate in. However, once they have registered for a course the normal cancellation rules apply.

Admission PhD students

PhD students working for one of the participating institutes can participate in NETHUR. To apply for membership, you have to register for an account and fill out the online application form (after login a link to the form is shown here).
The PhD student will be registered as a provisional member and be able to participate in the education programme.
Within three months after receiving provisional membership status, the following documents have to be submitted:
Based on these documents the NETHUR Directors make the final decision on admission.

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