Types of members

Research staff member (postdoc)
Research staff members have obtained a PhD degree and are temporarily employed by one of the participating institutes. They are not expected to contribute to the supervision of PhD students. They have to produce one academic publication per 0.4 fte per year. A research staff member has to publish one refereed article in an international journal per year. 


Academic staff member (senior researcher)
Academic staff members are researchers who have a PhD degree, belong to the tenured staff of one of the participating institutes and are prepared to account for their research time within NETHUR. An academic staff member publishes at least one academic publication per 0.2 fte per year. An academic staff member has to publish one refereed article in an international journal per year. In order to encourage joint publications with PhD students or others, NETHUR does not correct for number of authors. Full and associate professors are expected to be actively involved in the supervision of PhD students and cooperation in the yearly monitoring of their progress is required. 


Visiting professors, honorary professors and special chairs can participate in NETHUR as guests. Their output is highly valued, but will not be included in calculations used to give account of the graduate school. 


NETHUR checks whether members comply with the requirements mentioned above on a yearly basis. With respect to the publication requirements, output is measured over the previous three years. If a member does not comply with the requirements, a yellow card can be issued through the research director of the local institute. Two yellow cards add up to a red card. A red card may lead to membership cancellation. For membership cancellation a decision of the NETHUR Board is required.


Admission Senior Staff

Senior staff working for one of the participating institutes can become NETHUR members. To apply for membership, an Admission Form Senior Staff has to be completed and send to the NETHUR Office.

The Board of NETHUR decides on admission during the first board meeting after receiving the application. The staff member will receive written notice of the Board’s decision.

To be admitted to NETHUR, a senior staff member has to have at least one scientific publication and one professional publication per 0.4 fte of research per year and at least three international publications in a period of five years (this does not apply to those who recently obtained their PhD degree).

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