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CC5 - Quantitative Research Methods

Type: Course
Date start: 01-05-2019
Location: 10-12 room BOL-1.152 & 13-17 room BOL-2.059
Language: English
Number of participants: 10
Fee: €


This event will take place on the following date(s):
  • 09-05-2019
  • 16-05-2019
  • 06-06-2019
  • 13-06-2019
  • 27-06-2019


Quantitative Research Methods provides an introduction in the most useful and current quantitative research methods for social sciences.

The course is meant for PhD students whose knowledge of (certain) quantitative research techniques is insufficient.

In the first module basic knowledge of statistics in social sciences is brushed up. For the next modules this basic knowledge is supposed to be present.
In each of the following modules a different statistical technique is discussed. Each module consists of a morning part with a lecture on the specific method and an afternoon part with computer exercises on these techniques

Courses will be held in May and June. More details will follow later.

Date Subject Teacher Time Room
Thursday 09 May Introduction Multivariate statistics Anae Sobhani 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC
Thursday 16 May Multi level analysis Gideon Bolt 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC
Thursday 23 May Structural equation modelling Martin van der Velde 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC
Thursday 06 June Spatial regression Sierdjan Koster 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC
Thursday 13 June Event history analysis Viktor Venhorst 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC
Thursday 27 June Discrete choice models Aloys Borgers 10.00-12.45 TBC
      13.15-16.00 TBC