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CC4 Presenting Research Findings

Type: Course
Date start: 24-04-2020
Location: Utrecht University
Language: English
Teacher(s): Marieke de Boer
Number of participants: 10
Fee: €


This event will take place on the following date(s):
  • 24-04-2020
  • 01-05-2020
  • 15-05-2020


CC4 deals with the main question of what is needed to make a presentation of your work successful .and gratifying. Knowing ‘what to say’ is a good start, but there is more. This course works with theatre methods to enhance your communication skills, especially the non-verbal communication and the use of your voice. A presenter who is at ease, will be more able to respond to the needs of an audience.

24-04-2020 --> room VMa 1.15
01-05-2020 --> room VMa 1.15
15-05-2020 --> room VMa 1.15

Vening Meinesz Building A
Princetonlaan 8a
3584CB Utrecht