Crossovers Symposium February 9, 2017

The symposium Crossovers on February 9, 2017 brought together a vibrant network of Ph.D. researchers, professional, and experts to discuss from diverse perspectives current issues affecting the built environment: circularity, informality, and digital craftsmanship. They reflected on the state of the art of doctoral research in the Netherlands on the fields of architecture, history, theory, urbanism, real estate and building technology. With short presentations by Ph.D. researchers, talks and responses by Janneke van Kersen, Siebe Bakker, Ton Bastein, Alex Jachnow, Marta-Malé Alemany, and a keynote lecture by Dietmar Offenhuber.

Interdisciplinary use of methods, theories and frameworks is a common practice in academia. However, sharing experiences, progress and results often remain within the confined walls of the research chair, department, faculty or university. Although ‘public’ colloquia enable interdepartmental research exchange from time to time, they struggle to attract external participants. Sharing on-going research within institutions could help researchers to find appropriate theories, methods and frameworks. Crossovers aims to become a forum where this exchange can actually take place.

Crossovers was an event focused on examining what research on the built environment can do when different perspectives merge. Ph.D. researchers from Dutch universities were invited to submit a proposal and pitch it to a larger and interdisciplinary audience. In different sessions, researchers with similar interests but diverse backgrounds explored and learnt from each other’s work.
Ph.D. researchers in Dutch universities presented their research on the themes of circularity, informality, and digital craftsmanship; Janneke van Kersen (NWO) and Siebe Bakker (4TU) talked about the research landscape in the Netherlands from the perspective of funding agencies. Ton Bastein (TNO), Alex Jachnow (IHS-EUR), Marta-Malé Alemany (HvA) acted as respondents and participate in a panel discussion together with the rest of guests. A keynote lecture by Dietmar Offenhuber (Northeastern University) on decoding the city closed the event. Dirk van den Heuvel moderated the afternoon.

This first edition of Crossovers was co-organized by the Ph.D. Council of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft and the Jaap Bakema Study Centre, and counted with the support of NETHUR, and TU Delft Graduate School.

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