In line with the scientific mission of NETHUR, the primary objective of the NETHUR education and supervision programme is to provide its PhD members with a solid foundation and inspiring environment for conducting urban and regional research. NETHUR organises a course programme, schools, and seminars/workshops, where theoretical, methodological, practical and specialised thematic knowledge and skills are taught and practiced.

NETHUR education enables PhD students to become qualified independent urban and/or regional researchers who can:

  • formulate scientific research questions and draw up elaborate research proposals,
  • turn a proposal into operational research,
  • keep themselves informed about current developments in urban and regional research,
  • conduct research on an international quality level,
  • present research findings, both orally and in writing, for national and international forums,
  • complete a dissertation that complies with the criteria set by the university in question and is at the forefront of international urban and regional research publications.
The PhD student’s own research proposal and project are the central focus, especially during the first years of the PhD period. During the final years of the PhD project, NETHUR primarily serves as a network of scientist for the PhD student.

All education activities coming up are listed in our Calendar of NETHUR Education.