Study Load

In order to achieve the objectives of the NETHUR Education Programme and receive a NETHUR diploma, all regular PhD students are expected to participate in 900 hours of education. The NETHUR curriculum consists of a mandatory and an optional part. All PhD members must attend the NETHUR Core Courses (360 hours) in the first two years and at least two NETHUR Schools (80 hours). The remaining hours are spent on optional courses, workshop, seminars, conferences, et cetera, and on supervision.
Other courses or schools may replace NETHUR Courses or Schools when approved (in advance for Courses) by the Director of Education. 

PhD members, who completed postgraduate education elsewhere before being admitted to NETHUR, may be exempted from parts of the curriculum, if approved by the Director of Education.

Type of education Total hours required Nethur Courses (* = mandatory) Course hours
Theory and Research Methods 320 CC1 Urban & Regional Research * 100
    CC2 Research Design * 100
    CC5 Quantitative RM * 60-80
    CC6 Qualitative RM * 60-80
(Communicative) Skills 200 CC3 Writing * 120
    CC4 Presenting * 40
    Scientific Project & Time Man. 40
    Scientific Debating 40
Specialised thematic seminars, workshops, courses, (international) conferences, etc. 180    
Nethur Schools 80    
Supervision 120    
Total 900