Education and Supervision Plan

Each PhD student who wants to become a NETHUR member must submit an Education and Supervision Plan. The Education and Supervision Plan contains specific agreements between the PhD student and his supervisor concerning supervision of the PhD project and educational activities to be attended.

Minimum NETHUR requirements for the education plan are:
Title and date of NETHUR core courses to be attended;
Title, study load, date and organising institute of courses, schools, conferences, et cetera, to be attended.

Minimum NETHUR requirement for the supervision plan:
Time scheme of discussion and assessment meetings with the supervisor(s).

Since it is difficult to plan ahead four years of educational activities in detail (e.g. course dates are often not set this far in advance), the plan should be specified and revised regularly. Changes in the Education and Supervision Plan must be reported to the NETHUR Office. This can be done through the yearly Progress Report.

A PhD student may use the format provided by the local research institute or use the standard EducationSupervisionPlan.doc.

The staff input for supervision, which applies to all aspects of the dissertation research, is set at approximately 30 hours per year, i.e. 120 hours for a regular full-time, four-year PhD project. About 80 hours of that time should be allocated to direct research supervision. The remaining 40 hours consist of joint activities by PhD student and supervisor(s), such as writing conference papers and articles.