Core Course 6: Qualitative Research Methods

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The objective of this course is to provide advanced training in qualitative methods. The course is meant to take the student right through the qualitative research cycle within their own research projects.

Course description

The course will start with a reflection of the research questions prepared by the students from their own project and then move on to learn the design and conduct of in-depth interviews, focus groups and participant observation. Then qualitative data management training will include transcription, translation and coding. Further data analysis is carried out with use of computer assisted qualitative data analysis software. Finally students will learn different ways to write and present qualitative data.

Course perquisites

This course is open for students who have first followed at least one introductory course in qualitative research methods. We request the students to let us know during registration which course they have followed and at what level (Bachelor, Master or PhD).

Course assessment

Assignments for each day of the course. The final folder containing all the assignments will be evaluated.

* You need to attend the complete course.
* Cancellation of this course is possible until two weeks before the start of the course.